• Lando Norris was the winner in the Veloce Esports race
  • Norris qualified by six-tenths of a second at the virtual Silverstone
  • Nicholas Latifi finished in 18th position

Lando Norris participated in the Veloce Esports races and emerged victorious, as he dominated the competition, which included Nicholas Latifi.

Norris has shown off his driving acumen in several past Esports racing events, which have become ever more critical since the suspension of the Formula 1 season.

During the virtual Bahrain Grand Prix event that happened last week, Lando was able to finish in the tenth slot during the first race. He improved on his performance to position seventh in the reverse grid race event that followed. 
Norris qualified by six-tenths of a second at the virtual Silverstone, and that gave him the pole position.
He drove and held the first position avoiding all incidents in the first corner, even though other drivers were not as lucky.
Latifi was able to work his way through the grid from the eighteenth position to twelfth as Esteban Gutierrez, a former formula one driver, held on to the third position for a while before dropping to the tenth position.
Norris continued putting distance between him and the pack leaving an ongoing battle for the second position between drivers James Baldwin and Sacha Fenestraz.
In the end, Norris would claim the victory ten seconds ahead of  James Baldwin, who came in second place.
Latifi would finish the race in the eighteenth position. That is significantly lower than his result during the Bahrain virtual Grand Prix.
The win Norris enjoyed meant that in the reverse grid race, he would be placed at position ten, but still from there; he would impress.
In the beginning, he capitalized on all incidents on the track and improved his position to sixth on lap two. Norris was inside the top three racers by the time lap five came about.
The fifteen-minute time constraint on the race also put a lot of pressure on the drivers.
Norris closed in on the Martin Kodric, who was leading the race, and claimed as he was going into turn three on the second to last lap, he made a mistake.
Norris stated it was the reason why he did not get his second win of the day.
Norris said that in the first race, he was not battling anyone, so it was a straightforward race. Apparently, skirmishing in the car meant he would lose valuable time.
The race was held at iRacing and not F1 2019; thus, DRS was not available.