Masjid Ibrahim opened its doors on Friday in Las Vegas, and it holds a unique distinction among North American mosques: It was funded entirely by a Muslim-American woman.

Pharmacist and real estate investor Sharaf Haseebullah, 71, told local media that it was her dream to open an inclusive house of worship. She paid for the construction of the $3 million facility entirely out of her own pocket, without holding any fundraising events.

“Finally, the day came when my dream came true. This place is inclusive. We are not going tell anybody not to come. Even if they have faith or not. I'm not going to judge anybody,” Haseebullah told NBC News 3 in Las Vegas.

“Women can do whatever they choose,” she added.

According to the mosque’s website, Masjid Ibrahim is “an independent American Muslim organization based out of Las Vegas ... that provides for the social, educational and spiritual needs of the local Muslim and interfaith community.”

The 7,000-square-foot master-planned facility sits on the same site where Haseebullah and her late husband purchased an acre of land to serve the Muslim community in 1995. Before Masjid Ibrahim, a house on the land served as the place of worship. The house was demolished in 2011 to make way for the new mosque.

Haseebullah says she hopes the mosque will serve as a source of good in her community and help show Americans the true face of Islam.

"So that they can see Muslim people they are not just talking, they do it, good job, good deed," she said. "You can do it. If you have good intentions, determination, nothing can stop you.”