The stores and websites to check out for last-minute Halloween costumes. Reuters

There’s nothing wrong with throwing a Halloween costume together in the hours leading up to your next Halloween party or gathering. But time is running out.

If you do have a solid plan for a costume, you might want to check out a few stores and websites before stock dwindles and even expedited shipping is no longer an option (if you want your costume to reach you in time, that is). Many Halloween superstores like Spirit and Halloween Express are offering discounted shipping services for online purchases where costumes could ship next day or two days – but you’ll need to order ASAP if the deliveries only ship during business hours.

For brick-and-mortar stores, you’ll have extra time, of course – just make sure you know the store hours so there’s no risk of having it close on you. If all else truly fails, there will always be a local drugstore or craft store nearby to help you out with those extra last-minute needs.

Still scrambling for costume ideas? With a few days left until Halloween weekend, first check out these stores and websites for a Halloween costume before you resort to cutting holes in your bedsheets and going as a ghost.


Yandy: The lingerie and costume e-commerce site boasts a variety of Halloween accessories and costumes, most of which are already on sale now. Yandy will ship items immediately (during business hours) and shipping on all orders are free and will arrive in two to three days. Overnight Express shipping is one business day.

Amazon Prime: The fail-safe option for all last-minute Halloween shoppers. Amazon Prime users can expect the requisite same-day delivery for some items. Depending on the Halloween costume or costume piece, most items should be available under Prime, but check before you wait until the absolute last-minute.

Spirit Halloween Store: The Halloween superstore is a reliable source when it comes to last-minute Halloween costume needs. The stores are open until late through Halloween if you need to stop by (the brick-and-mortar locations sell out a lot of sizes and options the longer you wait, though). However, Spirit has a variety of options if you’re ordering online – just be sure to do it ASAP. All orders should be made before 12 p.m. EST for it to ship out same-day. Its economy, Standard and Second-Day shipping options will still get your costume there by Saturday, even. Click here for Spirit’s complete list of shipping deadlines here.

Halloween Express: Halloween Express is also offering discounted prices on its Next Day, 2 Day and 3 Day delivery options. According to its website, orders of $20 or more will be eligible for reduced shipping. Most orders of $65 or more (that’s most Halloween costumes, folks), will be eligible for free economy shipping.


Thrift Stores: Go old-school and stop by one of your favorite thrift or charity shops. Goodwill locations might stay open later, but it’s best to plan ahead on this one: Some stores might be closed on weekends or have early closing days. Look up the hours ahead of time or call up the shop. Depending on the costume, you’ll almost always find what you’re looking for in a thrift store. You might even wear the accessory or garment again, which is an added bonus.

Macy’s or Other Department Stores: Department stores like Macy’s have such an assortment of items and apparel that it might behoove to search for something here. Plus, these stores normally keep later hours, so it’s worth a try.

H&M: This one’s for the ladies as well, but H&M’s Halloween section gets more impressive every year. Although you’ll find more accessories than costumes, the prices will be pretty unbeatable and, similar to those thrift store finds, you might be able to wear the piece or outfit after Halloween is through.