• "The Last Of Us 2" was released on June 19, 2020
  • Fans are expecting that Naughty Dog would release its DLC soon
  • Naughty Dog is working on "The Last of Us Remake," according to rumors

"The Last of Us 2" is one of the hit PlayStation-exclusive titles from Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment released in 2020. Following its successful release and warm reception from gamers, fans are looking forward to seeing the release of its add-on content at some point. Unfortunately, it seems that it is not possible for the action-adventure title to get its downloadable content (DLC) soon.

Naughty Dog, the gaming studio behind "The Last of Us 2," is reportedly not considering releasing the DLC of the game at the moment. That's according to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, who shared some insights about the game and the studio recently at The MinnMax Show. During the interview, the video game journalist mentioned that at some point, the studio considered pursuing "The Last of Us 2" DLC, but it might have lost steam.

"I believe at one point they were thinking about DLC but I don't think that happened," Schreier said. He went on to say that he was not really sure about these details and noted, "[D]on't hold me to that. They might still do something."

The Last of Us Part II - Official Story Trailer | PS4
After a vicious and violent event disrupts the relative peace that Ellie has found in Jackson, she sets out to bring justice to those responsible. As she hunts them down one by one, she is confronted with the devastating physical and emotional repercussions of her actions. PlayStation Official YouTube Channel

Naughty Dog released a story expansion called "Left Behind" for the original "The Last of Us" game. The DLC offered the details of Ellie's backstory before the events that took place in the game. The expansion was released a few months after "The Last of Us" came out. Fans are hoping that Naughty Dog would do the same for the sequel. The game is almost a year old now but the gaming studio has not yet announced anything related to its DLC.

There is a chance that the studio is busy working on other projects. Rumors have been rife about Naughty Dog moving some of its staff to focus on "The Last Of Us Remake." According to the claim, the staff has nothing else to do since they are still waiting for the next project currently in its pre-production phase.

The show's host then said that remaking the 2013 game was a waste of talent. In response, Schreier said, "But what else are they going to do right now?"

"Neil Druckmann and some other creative directors go off in a room somewhere and say 'what do we want to make next?'... [Meanwhile] you have hundreds of people at the studio who don't have a lot to work on," the video game journalist added.