A new leak claims “The Last Of Us Part II” will be released real soon, and will be released in four different editions.

Naughty Dog’s “The Last Of Us Part II” continues to be one of the most anticipated titles on the PlayStation 4 today, but since the game studio hasn’t made any announcements about the game’s release date or release window, fans are turning to other sources such as rumors and leaks.

One such leak that went out previously came from voice actress Ashley Johnson, the one who does voiceovers for the game’s protagonist, Ellie. In an interview, Johnson was asked about the game’s release date. Johnson didn’t explicitly say a specific date, but she “mouthed” the first syllable of February. She wasn’t able to finish what she wanted to say, however.

Regardless whether Johnson was able to finish what she way saying or not, fans reportedly took her “clue” as a leak pointing to the game’s possible release in February. This “clue” seems to line up with a new leak that comes from a reliable source who has leaked things accurately in the past.

Early next year

According to a ResetEra administrator that goes by the name ZhugeEX, “The Last Of Us Part II” will be released sometime in February in 2020. The leaker also said the game will come in four different editions: a Standard Edition, a Special Edition that can be expected to cost higher than the standard edition, a more expensive Collectors Edition, and an interestingly named “Ellie Edition.”

Some people doubted the credibility of ZhugeEX’s leak, since the administrator only received the information from another source. ZhugeEX simply replied that the source also leaked some information about Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding” a “couple of weeks before [its] trailer” was released. Based on this information, this new leak could have some weight on it.

About that “Ellie Edition”

While it’s common for big titles to come in different editions, most of the pricey ones always include something worth the cost. For instance, the First Class Edition of the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” might chop $329.99 off a player’s budget, but it does reward buyers with a cool statue of Cloud Strife sitting on his trusty Hardy Daytona bike, along with DLCs and other things.

With this in mind, it seems likely that “The Last Of Us Part II” Ellie Edition could come with some sort of collectible item or memorabilia in addition to the game. If the Express is correct, it could be a statue of Ellie while she plays her guitar.

The Last of Us Part 2
The teaser trailer for "The Last of Us Part 2" showing Ellie. Sony PlayStation/Naughty Dog