A pre-released of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) was introduced Monday, the next version of its Web browser.

The release candidate is feature-complete, and its arrival means that the new browser will shortly be generally available.

The new iteration of the application includes several security improvements, including a noteworthy attempt to address the emerging problem of click jacking attacks. On the Presentation, Microsoft appears to have not only tried to address the browser-based issues, but also sought out the help of Web site owners to make IE8 less vulnerable to the attacks.

The company said, We've worked closely with people in the security community to enable consumer-ready click jacking protection. Sites can now protect themselves and their users from click jacking attacks 'out of the box,' without impacting compatibility or requiring browser add-ons

Microsoft made a feature known as an Accelerator (essentially, the ability to perform a number of common browser-based tasks like searching or blogging from wherever a user is on the Web) part of IE8's right-click menu and part of the default view of a new tab where a Web site has yet to be opened.

We have made IE 8 the best browser for the way people really do use the web, said Microsoft's Amy Barzdukas.

Microsoft IE8 also augmented some of its In Private features which allow IE users to delete or shield their browsing habits from others who might be using their computers, though it did not offer functional details of that update either.

Asking when would be the final release of IE8, official doesn't give precise date, That depends on the development cycle progress, Microsoft senior product manager James Prattsaid. We don't have a plan that we can talk about.