Lohan Mug Shot
Lindsay Lohan, pictured here in her latest mug shot, will head to bed with Charlie Sheen on an April episode of FX's "Anger Management." Santa Monica Police Department

Lindsay Lohan turned herself in for a quick mug shot in Santa Monica, Calif., on Tuesday. Lohan’s mug shot was just a procedural formality as the actress has already agreed to a 90-day stay at a rehabilitation facility.

As previously reported on IBTimes, Lohan pleaded no contest to reckless driving and lying to police. But this being Lohan, the court proceeding was anything but normal as the actress was “glitter-bombed” on her way into court.

Lohan will serve 90 days at a lockdown rehab center and will also need to perform 30 days of community service and spend 18 months in psychotherapy. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Dabney did sentence Lohan to five days in jail, but that time will be included in the 90-day rehab stay, reports the Los Angeles Times. Lohan will have to pay restitution to the driver of the truck she hit, while a charge of willfully resisting an officer was dismissed during Monday’s ruling.

Lohan’s “no contest” plea also included an admission that she violated her probation stemming from her 2011 arrest for shoplifting. Dabney sentenced her to 180 days in jail as a result of the violation, but that sentence will be stayed as long as Lohan completes treatment, community service and psychotherapy, notes LA Times.

Speaking about the court ruling, Mark Heller, Lohan’s attorney, said, “I'm very confident that you won't be seeing Lindsay Lohan in any criminal courts any time in the future.”

Lohan’s mug shot is the seventh such one for the actress, with five of the mug shots being publicly available. Lohan’s first mugshot came in July 24, 2007, stemming from a drunk driving and cocaine possession arrest. Lohan’s latest mug shot features the actress sporting dark hair whereas in the previous mug shots she was a blonde.