Chemtech Tryndamere will always be angry Surrender@20

It’s League of Legends patch notes day, which means it’s time for a PBE update and Chemtech Tryndamere. The Public Beta Environment is a testing realm where the team at Riot Games allows a few select players to check out the next rotation of skins, champions or visual updates headed to League in the coming weeks. Now that patch 7.10 is rolling out, it’s time to take a look at what’s slated for patch 7.11, and it’s brutal.

The League of Legends social media accounts just dropped a teaser for Chemtech Tryndamere, a new skin for Runeterra’s fiercest warrior. The skin features entirely new VFX, a disfigured model and a recall animation that puts the axe wielder in serious pain. Riot even added a little helmet to the chicken icon used in Mocking Shout. It’s those little details that make this League skin worth real money, and I never even play Tryndamere.

Chemtech Tryndamere is a tortured soul who’s been the subject of gruesome experimentation way too many times and is done fooling around. His recall animation has him ripping the machines probing him out of his neck, ready to go on a rampage worthy of the barbarian king. The skin’s backstory is similar to that of the Warwick rework, being that both of these monsters were experimented on (most likely in Zaun) and now want their revenge.

Hextech is the combination of magic and technology; could Chemtech be a more sadistic version, where living tissue is manipulated instead of Blitzcrank? Hextech has been around in League of Legends for years’ you might remember one of the first skins in the game was Hextech Galio. League is currently undergoing a massive lore rewrite, and this feels like a good time to introduce more technology into this magical universe.

This is the first reference to Chemtech in League of Legends lore, but I’m guessing it won’t be the last. I’d bet that Chemtech Tryndamere is Riot’s way of testing out the Chemtech idea before the Urgot rework comes out sometime in the next few months. We know from the leak a few months ago that the reworked Urgot was on the way and would be far more gruesome. Even if he doesn’t end up shooting “chainsaws out of his knee caps,” I still expect a zombified monster that no longer fears death.

Warwick, Sion and Urgot are all tortured souls, stuck in a bodies that are no longer human. Tryndamere is a perfect addition to this bunch of devilish miscreants with no free will; he’s an immortal barbarian who feels no pain when he’s in the middle of a fight. Different than Olaf, who feels pain but chooses to ignore it, Tryndamere has the X-Men Wolverine’s berserker rage that keeps him fighting long after his body has had enough.

Chemtech Tryndamere will be up on the League Of Legends PBE later today and will cost 975 RP.