• The final version of Dr. Mundo's rework has been revealed by Riot Games
  • Mundo retains his original kit but with some new effects on some abilities
  • Riot has kept Mundo's overall design and aesthetic faithful to his original version

Riot has revealed the final version of the Dr. Mundo rework for “League of Legends” that has been in production for about a year or more. The Madman of Zaun is finally getting a major facelift while still retaining the majority of his skillset, albeit with a few changes that modernize his gameplay.

Previous entries in Riot’s Champion Roadmap blogs gave players some insight into what Dr. Mundo’s reworked version could look like, featuring some of his early concept art and his updated skins. Now, Riot has posted Mundo’s finalized looks and abilities on its official website.

Much of Dr. Mundo’s theme, aesthetic and gameplay philosophy has remained intact despite receiving a makeover worthy of 2021. His rework features a completely new model with cleaner animations, crisp particle effects and a new set of voice lines that ground Mundo’s character as a deranged yet lovable source of comic relief in the “League of Legends” universe.

Riot has made a few refinements to Mundo’s kit to make sure that he lives up to his fantasy of being a slow-yet-powerful juggernaut.

His Q and Ultimate abilities remain largely the same, but his passive, W and E skills have received significant changes.

Mundo’s new passive retains his percentage HP regeneration from his original version, but it also has an effect that prevents him from getting CC’d.

Every time he gets hit with a crowd-control skill, he instead takes additional current HP% as damage and releases a chemical canister a la Zac blob. The canister heals Mundo for a small portion of his HP and reduces the passive’s cooldown; drilling the point to every player that Mundo will definitely go where he pleases.

His new W, Heart Zapper, retains the same effect that the original version of the ability did. However, it will now store a portion of damage he takes while the ability is active as gray health.

Additionally, Mundo will deal a burst of magic damage in an AoE once the ability ends. This burst will also heal all of his gray health.

His E, Blunt Force Trauma, passively increases his AD based on his HP percentage, while the active portion lets him deal increased damage on his next attack. If an enemy dies due to this empowered hit, they will be launched back and deal damage to every enemy they hit similar to Lee Sin’s ultimate.

Dr. Mundo has been given a few new avenues for outplays while retaining his core identity, placing his rework in-between that of Ezreal and Warwick in terms of how much his abilities were changed. He is currently available for testing in PBE and will be released soon in a future patch.

Updated art for the Toxic Dr. Mundo skin in League of Legends
Updated art for the Toxic Dr. Mundo skin in League of Legends Riot Games