Riot Games creative lead confirms big plans coming in for "League of Legends" and that they're working with Marvel for some of the new content. Pictured: A cosplayer poses in the Lyon Palais des Sports on March 3, 2017 during the Lyon e-Sport#10 event before the start of the League of Legends French challenge's final. Getty Images/Jeff Pachoud

Recently, Riot Games creative head Ghostcrawler has confirmed that they’re planning to work with Marvel for a long time and develop the "League of Legends" IP further through storytelling. Here’s what we know about Riot Games' plan with their Marvel partnership.

According to a DotEsports interview with Ghostcrawler, they have “big plans” for the development of "League of Legends" as an IP. However, he refused to reveal further details about these big plans. But Ghostcrawler did confirm that they wish to continue working with Marvel for as long as possible. The interest of Riot Games in growing "League of Legends’" story further is to service the fans as they’ve grown to care for the game’s characters over a long period of the game’s life.

Ghostcrawler also confirmed that they want to give fleshed out answers to the fans whenever they ask about the lifestyle of the characters in the game. While many players couldn’t care less about the story and just want to play the game, the depth of a game’s story can help bring out many of its future content.

So far, "Ashe: Warmother" was the first of the Riot Games-Marvel collaboration comics that had been released. Riot Games plans to have more comics about the "League of Legends" world, Runeterra. Comics about the "League of Legends" sidestories like K/DA, Odyssey, PROJECT and Star Guardian are confirmed to be covered in this plan too.

Overall, Riot Games has mostly included some lore stories whenever they release new content in "League of Legends." New champions, cosmetic skins and event maps have stories tied to them and have NPCs or areas that show more of "League’s" story even without dumping players with big lumps of exposition. However, we’ve yet to see if Riot Games’ “big plan” will include a massive online RPG similar to Blizzard Entertainment when the "Warcraft" universe was thoroughly explored and expanded.

At best, the Riot Games/Marvel collab comics could be previews of future in-game events and content to arrive in game. For now, we’ll have to wait for the next comic book release announcement as Riot Games has yet to mention the next one after "Ashe: Warmother."