Pulsefire Caitlyn teaser Riot Games

UPDATE: Pulsefire Caitlyn is out for testing on the PBE.

After weeks of hinting about the skin, League of Legends Pulsefire Caitlyn has finally been revealed. A Facebook teaser appeared on Riot Games’ page early on Tuesday morning showing the sheriff of Piltover with a much more robotic set of abilities.

It’s unclear if Pulsefire Ezreal is going to get a much-needed upgrade, but it would be greatly appreciated. UPDATE: Pulsefire Ezreal is getting a full makeover: voice over, textures, the works. PE was the first Legendary skin in League of Legends and hasn’t aged well since its initial appearance on Summoner’s Rift in 2012. If you put PE next to any champion released in the last two years, it looks like they are from two entirely different games. Riot is doing everything in their power to rework every champion and skin that looks “polygonal” with flat textures and dead eyes. Pulsefire Ezreal might not be as ugly as the original Soraka, but he’s in desperate need of a tune-up.

Pulsefire Caitlyn ’s got the same blue and white color scheme as Pulsefire Ezreal, but she’s not nearly as robotic. Her head is open to the elements, allowing her bionic body parts to help her aim her transforming sniper rifle in the heat of combat. Her trusty gun will transform as the game progresses, just like the other Pulsefire skin.

Expect Pulsefire Caitlyn to cost 3250 RP, the same as every other Legendary skin in League of Legends . If you can’t afford to spend 20 dollars on a cosmetic item that adds no actual in-game value, Riot’s going to help you out. Every Legendary skin goes on sale when first released, so expect Pulsefire Caitlyn to cost around 1625 RP for the week of her release. Pulsefire Caitlyn will cost 1820 RP.

The internet hivemind has known about Pulsefire Caitlyn ever since the reddit leak from early April . Since that initial post, every skin and champion on the list has been revealed by Riot Games. There hasn’t been another leak since, I’m guessing Riot Games plugged that hole as fast as they possibly could. You don’t want skins and ideas dozens of people worked on to be ruined by one internet commenter.

Seeing Pulsefire Caitlyn in League of Legends does add another layer of credibility to the leak, even though it’s already proved its accuracy five times. Does that mean Angelblade Riven and Demonblade Yasuo are on their way or is Riot going to stop production on these skins to surprise fans and get more of their money?

How do you like Pulsefire Caitlyn? Any Pulsefire upgrades or new skins you’d like to see come to the PBE in the future? Tell us in the comments.