• Rengar and Kha'Zix will be added to "Wild Rift" soon
  • Both assassins are notorious for killing their targets in one hit
  • They are expected to arrive later in Patch 2.2's release cycle

The North America regional open beta for “Wild Rift” is on the horizon, and a recent devblog has revealed that two of “League’s” most notorious assassins will be heading over to mobile soon.

Rengar and Kha’Zix were previewed in the patch 2.2 devblog released by Riot Games. In the PC version of “League Of Legends,” both champions are feared for their very high one-shot potential that can delete important carries in seconds.

The “Wild Rift” counterparts for Rengar and Kha’Zix have updated models much like the rest of the cast, owing to the rebuilt graphics engine that the game uses.

Kha’Zix is designed to be an assassin that picks off isolated targets. His first ability deals substantially more damage to targets that are alone and hitting isolated targets causes this ability to cool down faster. He can also evolve his abilities, gaining new powerful new effects.

The updated model for Kha'Zix in League of Legends Wild Rift
The updated model for Kha'Zix in League of Legends Wild Rift Riot Games

On the other hand, Rengar is meant to be a headhunter; he can collect trophies off of unique champion takedowns that grant him more damage per trophy, up to five stacks total.

Gameplay-wise, it doesn’t seem like either assassin is getting any drastic changes to their kit.

However, the patch preview does show Rengar using what appears to be his reworked Q ability from before it was reverted to its original version. The short clip shows Rengar performing two consecutive strikes that seem to track their target. If this alternate version of Savagery is implemented, then it may mean that enemies will have an additional fraction of a second’s worth of time to certain death.

It’s a given that Riot will balance these champions based on “Wild Rift’s” systems and balance philosophy. Both of these assassins are very strong in the early game, but they tend to fall off if they get left behind. With the innate squishiness of mages and marksmen in “Wild Rift,” the one-shot assassin meta may only get worse with the addition of these two hunters.

Kha’Zix and Rengar have both been subjected to multiple balance changes since their respective releases on PC. Rengar, in particular, has received multiple kit reworks meant to keep him in a relatively balanced spot.

These new champions are expected to be released in the later stages of Patch 2.2.