Irelia's splash art in League of Legends
Irelia's splash art in League of Legends Riot Games


  • Irelia relies on stacking her passive and resetting Bladesurge's cooldown for damage and mobility
  • She's good at extended fights but vulnerable to strong bursts and CC effects
  • Irelia  synergizes very well with Trinity Force 

The latest patch for “Wild Rift” has added Irelia to the game and much to the joy of PC fans, her kit remains largely the same. However, new players may find her difficult or confusing to use because of her conditional mobility and relatively long ramp-up time before she reaches her full damage potential.

Irelia isn’t the easiest champion to play, but she rewards those who are brave enough to dive deep behind enemy lines. Here are some tips and tricks on how to play Irelia in “Wild Rift” and a few rune and item builds to help new players get started.

How To Play Irelia

Irelia is a duelist who thrives in combat. Her passive ability grants her stacks that increase her attack speed and basic attack damage every time she hits an enemy with abilities. This is one of her main sources of damage.

Players should always aim to get as many stacks of her passive as possible before engaging enemies as they boost her sustained damage output significantly. Kill minions with her (1) ability or poke enemy champions with her (2) and (3) before going in for the kill.

Irelia's updated preview model for Wild Rift
Irelia's updated preview model for Wild Rift Riot Games

Irelia’s (1) ability, Bladesurge, is her bread-and-butter ability that’s used for stacking her passive and diving into the enemy. It refreshes every time it kills an enemy and it applies on-hit effects like Sheen passive or lifesteal. This skill can be refreshed as long as it hits a target marked by her (3) skill, Flawless Duet, or her ultimate, Vanguard’s Edge.

Irelia’s playstyle revolves around maintaining maximum stacks of her passive while blocking physical damage with her (2) and looking for opportunities to hit her (3.) She can cut-off an enemy’s retreat with her ultimate ability and keep up the offensive until the enemy team is wiped out.

Best Builds For Irelia

Trinity Force is a must-buy for Irelia under every circumstance simply because of how well it synergizes with her. Always buy it regardless of match-up.

Conversely, the rest of her items are situational. Blade of the Ruined King is a good option when fighting HP-stacking targets like Dr. Mundo and Darius while Youmuu’s Ghostblade is good against squishy enemies and a roaming playstyle.

As for runes, Conqueror is her best option. However, Fleet Footwork and Grasp of the Undying can also be good choices depending on the enemy team composition.

A full build for Irelia would look like this:

  • Trinity Force
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Guardian Angel
  • Gluttonous Greaves w/ Quicksilver
  • Death’s Dance
  • Frozen Mallet