Leah Calvert recently turned away from her reality-TV roots following several rumors of an affair, an impending divorce from her husband Jeremy Calvert and drug use allegations. So where is the “Teen Mom 2” star now? According to a report from Life & Style magazine, the mother of three recently turned to religion.

In October, Leah, a longtime star of the MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” program, was accused of cheating on her husband Jeremy with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd, the same man she had a fling with when married to Corey Simms. While both Robbie and Leah denied the affair, and Leah claims to still be married, Jeremy, 25, is rumored to have recently moved out of their West Virginia home and reportedly filed for divorce.

Following the affair scandal, InTouch Weekly reported that Leah had been taking painkillers such as Vicodin and Oxycodone and “getting high for years.” In the midst of several scandals, some of which Leah reportedly feels may put her at risk of losing her children, twins Ali and Aleeah, 4, and possibly even Adalynn, 1, she has decided to turn over a new leaf. 

According to a report in Life & Style magazine’s Dec. 15 issue, Leah has recently begun calling on the help of a “higher power,” not rehab, to help solve her issues. A source claims that the MTV star was recently spotted attending an evening service at Sissonville Community Church in Charleston, West Virginia.

“During his sermon, the preacher said that bad habits like drug use, sex and alcohol abuse can be very quickly broken when one finds Jesus,” said a fellow attendee. “Leah was listening intently and nodding her head in agreement.”

Leah’s religious venture was not a one-time occurrence. The church, which “embraces forgiveness and recovery,” has become important to the “Teen Mom 2” lead, a source claims. “Leah plans to make a complete turnaround,” a “friend” of the reality star told the magazine. “Leah’s made some huge mistakes but she’s ready to clean up the wreckage of her past.”

Unfortunately for Leah, her attempt at recovery hasn’t helped her relationship with Jeremy. The pipeline engineer has reportedly been flirting with other women since their split. “Women practically throw themselves at him while he’s at work,” a source told Life & Style. “He eats it up and flirts right back with them!”