“Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer is willing to co-parent with her first ex-husband, Corey Simms, after she's released from rehab for stress and anxiety, but she does not want his wife, Miranda Simms, to sit in on conversations about their twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah Grace. The MTV reality star becomes upset when she sees Miranda Simms in the restaurant where she was supposed to meet her ex-husband, a sneak peek clip of Thursday’s episode revealed.

Before Messer, 23, pulls up to the rendezvous, she tells her friend Brianna and cousin Chastity she was anxious about talking to Corey Simms. “I’m just so nervous. I hope I’m ready for this conversation, because I don’t feel like I am,” she says in the video.

The camera then shows Corey and Miranda Simms walk into the restaurant. Corey Simms sits at the corner table and Miranda Simms sits near the door. When Messer parks her car, her friends spot Miranda. “This is f----- up!” Messer says. “I’m not doing the conversation if Miranda is here!”

Miranda Simms and Messer seemed cordial in prior seasons, but there are two potential reasons the MTV star does not want to be around her ex-husband’s current wife. First, Miranda Simms doubted that rehab would help Messer. Even though the mother of three denies being addicted to prescription pain pills, the Simms and her second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, believe that drugs are the cause for her rehab stint.

Aside from hostility over the cause for Messer’s treatment stay, another reason Miranda Simms might intimidate Messer is the recently circulated rumor that she had sex with Corey Simms in the back of his truck. None of the stars responded to the rumor, but Simms issued a cyptic tweet after the gossip went viral.

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