Leah Remini shared a throwback photo of herself when she was 16 years old, and opened up about the abuse she went through while growing up in the Church of Scientology.

The 51-year-old actress took to Instagram over the weekend to share her black and white photo along with a lengthy caption.

She started by mentioning how she felt about the photo: "I was so proud of this headshot. I thought my side pony made me look so versatile and like the consummate actress. By this point, I had been living the life of an adult for years even though I was just a kid."

Remini further noted how, "Scientologists are taught that kids are no different from adults," adding, "So from a young age I was held accountable like an adult and regularly told that anything bad that happened in my life, even things that I wasn’t responsible for, was my fault."

The actress revealed even at the age of 16, she never received any "formal education" for years and, instead, used to work in order to support herself and her family.

She also spoke about the founder of Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard: "[He] had a deep disdain for conventional education and since everything in Scientology is guided directly by his policies, with no room for interpretation, my education was interrupted."

The "Saved by the Bell" star noted she has been living and working with "8th grade education" for the last 38 years now. The actress further revealed how her life was filled with people who believed in Scientology including her friends, her agent and her insurance company.

Remini concluded her post by adding during her earlier days she never thought about leaving Scientology and "work to expose the abuses that members face was not a thought I would even conjure up. Had I heard that anyone else was doing that, I would have seen them as an enemy worthy of punishment."

Many celebs supported Remini in the comments section.

Canadian actress Sarah Edmondson wrote, "First of all- f--k yes! So happy for you! Secondly- you were so right about the side pony! Thirdly- you are a constant inspiration" while journalist Yashar Ali commented, "You’re exactly where you should be. I’m so proud of you."

TV producer and author Frank Elaridi also commented, "You are so clearly in control of your life. You can and you will paving the way for so many," while comedian Chelsea Handler wrote, "You’re incredible and I know it, personally."

On the work front, Remini is currently hosting a game show, "People Puzzler." She was last seen in a movie, "Mean Jean," which was dropped in 2018.

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The Season 3 premiere of Leah Remini’s “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” airs on Tuesday. Pictured: The actress attended the 2018 A+E Upfront on March 15, 2018 in New York City. Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for A+E