Update: ZhugeEX has clarified in a tweet that his earlier tweet, on which the story was based, was a joke. We regret the error.

Original story below:

During The Game Awards 2019, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer unveiled Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console, the Xbox Series X. Aside from its seriously loaded innards, the unveiling gained a lot of attention online because of its distinct design. But, it appears that the heavily criticized design of the upcoming Xbox Series X is not alone as a new leaked image reveals that the PlayStation 5 has seemingly the ‘unexpected’ same design.

In the wake of the Xbox Series X unveiling, gamers and fans trolled the design of Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console. Some Twitter users compared the design of the Xbox Series X to different household items like a refrigerator, cabinet, public ashtray, a trash can, and a lot more. But, reliable tipster ZhugeEx, who has been providing reliable information about PlayStation 5, shared a tweet that surprized the gaming community.

PlayStation & Xbox
Pictured at Logos for Xbox and PlayStation. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Contrary to the general belief that the PlayStation 5 would be released with the same design as the leaked dev kit, it seems that it will be launched with a similar design as the heavily criticized Xbox Series X. If the image shared by the tipster turns out to be true (which could be a joke), Sony’s next-generation gaming console looks like a double door refrigerator (at first glance). Additionally, it looks almost the same as the Xbox Series X but a little slimmer.

We could not verify the veracity of this image, but ZhugeEx has been a good source of information, particularly about the things related to the gaming industry. At the time of this publication, Sony has not revealed the specific release date of the PlayStation 5 or its retail price. The Japanese console maker has not yet revealed when it is going to launch the PS5.

What we know so far, is that the PlayStation 5 is arriving sometime in the holiday of 2020, sharing the same window as Xbox Series X. A recent interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment head of Engineering Masayasu Ito seemingly suggests that Sony is planning to release the PlayStation 5 Pro as a mid-life refresh of the PS5 after three to four years of the console’s release. This means Sony is planning to release the PlayStation 5 Pro in 2024.