• Rockstar Games teased about a new island coming in its biggest update ever
  • The update is for "GTA Online"
  • An eagle-eyed fan mentioned that the new island was the flip side of the previously leaked "GTA 6" map

Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed if it is really working on the next installment to the popular "Grand Theft Auto" series, but its latest post about an upcoming "GTA Online" update seemingly teases the previously leaked map that allegedly belongs to "GTA 6."

Rockstar Games launched a new "GTA Online" teaser, noting that the upcoming one would be the game’s biggest update ever. Apparently, the update would introduce a new island location that would expand the game's map. However, it appears that the teased island was already seen by most "GTA 6" fans earlier this year.

On Twitter, GTAVINews pointed out that the map shown in the latest teaser had been previously leaked for "GTA 6" but in a "one flipped direction." The tipster added that Rockstar Games seemed to be teasing about its next "GTA" installment through its posts.

Over the past years, rumors and leaks about the game taking place in Vice City and several other different island locations have been swirling around online.

GTA 5 A strange "GTA 6" leak could be hinting of a Summer 2020 grand reveal as opposed to earlier assumption that it is the game's release window. Photo: steamXO

Among the deluge of leaks about "GTA 6," this is the only consistent one. However, like all other rumors, fans should take it with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, several fans were surprised earlier today when "GTA 6" began to trend online. Most of them quickly assumed that Rockstar Games had finally announced the game and its release window, but it was not the case.

In fact, "GTA 6" trended because fans expressed their dismay, disappointment and frustration over Rockstar Games' tease that was actually about "GTA Online." Some fans, including the Twitter handle of Snickers, called the news "not satisfying."

There were also some fans who thought it was high time for the gaming studio to stop releasing support for "GTA V" and start focusing on "GTA 6" instead. Fans were disappointed with the lack of updates about the much-awaited game.

But if the tease proves that the next update is the biggest ever, the amount of content and new locations would definitely get the fans excited.

"GTA 6" is yet to be officially announced. It is rumored to be in the works and might launch on Xbox Series X and PS5 in 2021.