A lost episode of Sesame Street from 1976 that was considered too scary for viewers has been leaked to social media sites.

The episode was originally asked to be removed due to a “frightening” witch character. A woman wrote a hand-written letter to Sesame Street at the time saying, "I wish you wouldn't put that witch on 'Sesame Street' anymore because ... I have been dreaming [of] that witch again and again and again and again.”

The episode also caused dozens of complaints from parents, the A.V. Club noted.

The episode was intended to teach children how to overcome their fears and “the value of planning by creating and implementing methods of retrieving the broom,” the Muppet fan archive, Muppet Wiki wrote.

The episode resurfaced one time before in 2019 but it is getting major attention recently. It was re-released on Saturday by YouTube user Mike Minnick.

Since it was released again, there have been mixed opinions. "People forget the type of exposure kids had to 'scary things' then compared to today. She was a real-life villain, and [in] one of the only kid friendly movies kids could watch," one social media user commented on the video wrote.

"I agree that this was just such a great loss to be gone for so long, especially for Margaret Hamilton. Such a legend,” the user added.

Another user disagreed with the video being released. "I can see why they cut this episode - I can only imagine the nightmares this would cause. Why they thought that giant, yellow bird wouldn't scare kids is beyond me."