Savannah Brinson, LeBron James' longtime girlfriend and fiancée, may not have had a wedding to look forward to if the Miami Heat lost the playoffs on Thursday night. NBA star James, who was also the 2013 NBA Finals MVP, scored 37 points, 12 rebounds and four assists in the Miami Heat's 95-88 Game 7. At the postgame press conference, he spoke about what would have happened had the Heat lost to the San Antonio Spurs.

“I got a wedding coming up with my beautiful fiancée. It will be an unbelieveable wedding now that we’ve won instead of losing. I might have called it off if we had lost,” James admitted.” So now it’s going to be one of the best weddings ever.”

He and Brinson are set to get married the weekend of Sept. 13 in San Diego. The couple has been together since high school, and they have two sons together, LeBron Jr. and Bryce. The 28-year-old NBA star proposed to her last year at a New Year’s Eve party.

James is now a two-time NBA champion, silencing critics who were questioning whether or not he is the best player in the NBA at the moment.

"Hopefully, people will leave him alone a little more now," Heat forward Shane Battier told USA Today after the game. "He takes a lot of heat, I think undeservedly. He's the best player on the planet. And hopefully now with two titles, he'll get more the benefit of the doubt."