Leonardo DiCaprio is clearing the air of any and all rumors surrounding his upcoming role in "The Revenant." After the film's trailer was released earlier this month, rumors began swirling suggesting the actor's character was raped by a bear in the film. DiCaprio, 41, has heard the stories and it seems he's just as confused as his fans are.

DiCaprio was asked about the strange rumors by E! News at "The Revenant" premiere. He told interviewer Zuri Hall he wasn't sure how such a "ridiculous" gossip got started. DiCaprio added that he didn't know how to react initially. The Golden Globe nominee called the stories completely "absurd," though he admitted there were plenty of odd things he had to do on set. He revealed to Hall that he was forced to eat bison liver while working on the film and has no plans to do it ever again. 

"I have no idea where these ridiculous things come from and what you do when you hear stuff like that?" he said. "It's absurd. It's absurd."

Early claims about DiCaprio being raped in the film began Dec. 1 when Drudge Report published the claim. According to the initial story the film "reaches new violent levels for a mainstream film." The article said he was raped not once, but twice, and included details about the alleged attack. Drudge wrote that DiCaprio's character is taken ahold of by the bear who then "thrusts and thrusts" while mauling him. Fox later issued a statement in which they denounced Drudge's claims as false. 

Despite the controversy surrounding his role, "The Revenant" trailer has created buzz about a potential Oscar nomination for DiCaprio. As International Business Times previously reported, the 2016 nominations have not yet been revealed, but many believe this will be the year the actor finally wins. The short trailer shows DiCaprio fighting off a bear, being buried alive and persevering through it all. 

"The Revenant" hits theaters Christmas day.