Few areas of the U.S. will see a white Christmas this year, but all Web browsers have to do for snow is try out let it snow on Google, the latest Easter Egg from the company.

Just visit the Google search bar, type in let it snow, and watch the screen fill with flakes. After the snow falls, frost begins to fill the screen. Users can use their cursor as an ice scraper to clear the screen, or they can simply press the Defrost button.

Google's let it snow works only on browsers that support Canvas, or the latest browsers from major developers. As for Google's response to its latest Easter Egg creation, it was this poem from a spokeswoman, according to Fox News.

Through the fog, you have to peer
Because it's the most wonderful time of the year

Your page turned into a winter wonderland
When you typed in that search command

You can always defrost the window
Or just let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

In early November Google turned Web searches upside down with its popular do a barrel roll, another popular Easter Egg from Google. But one reviewer from MSNBC said unlike the barrel roll, this one can entertain you for a few minutes -- and the kids for, oh, 15 seconds. But a fun 15 seconds it is.

Do a barrel roll, the popular so-called Google Easter Egg from November, is still in play, though. The Urban Dictionary says do a barrel roll is what one says when another asks them for important advice in their life. Other Google Easter Eggs are still in play also, including Askew (type in askew and the search engine appears off kilter); gravity (enter google gravity and click I'm Feeling Lucky and watch the Google logo and icons fall to the bottom of the screen), and more.

But it's the holidays now and the focus is on Google's new Let it Snow. Give it a try, and have a white Christmas.