Koei Tecmo continues to add characters for the upcoming “Attack on Titan” video game, this time adding fan favorite character Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoe, as confirmed by Siliconera. These characters join a pretty big roster of characters, including lead characters Erin, Armin and Mikasa, which should please fans of the anime and manga.

The characters were confirmed by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, which was later covered by Gematsu. It’s not yet known if these characters will play differently from the others, though Levi is a captain in the series, while Hange is a veteran. It will be interesting to see if characters with a different rank can command other characters to go to distract titans among other things.

What fans of the series might be wondering is why these characters weren’t announced sooner. While he didn’t appear in the live-action movies, many consider Levi to be the most popular character in the show, next to the lead characters of course.

Still, the character is now one of the many playable characters in the game that will be tasked with protecting the sector from the wrath of the titans. In between missions, characters can interact with the townsfolk, gain important information from teammates and even upgrade weapons.

The story will be based on the first season of the anime, which centers on the first titan attack and how the people learned to fight back. This was done so that new players interested in the game wouldn’t get confused about the story, making it accessible to anyone.

That’s not to say that the game will be a simple retelling of the anime’s first season. The developers have stated that the game will have features that were never seen in the anime or manga, like new weapons for example.

“Attack on Titan” from Koei Tecmo will be available this winter for Japan and early next year for North America. There is also a “Treasure Box” edition of the game, which comes with numerous extras, but is currently an exclusive for Japanese gamers. As of this writing, no special edition has been announced for the Western release of the game.

Koei Tecmo's Attack on Titan Gameplay - TGS 2015 (Credit: YouTube/IGN)