Levi Johnston, who shot to national notoriety as the father of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's granddaughter, is going to be a father twice over. This time he's having a girl, and her name?

Breeze Beretta. Yes, you heard that correctly – Beretta like the Italian gun maker! According to the Huffington Post, in an interview with the Insider set to air on Wednesday, Sunny Oglesby, Levi's latest baby mama, confirmed that the name is not a coincidence, and that they named the baby specifically after the gun manufacturer.

We were out at the cabin for like, four days, and forgot the birth control, she says in the interview. (Was it a hunting cabin? Does Levi own a Beretta? We'll have to wait for the interview to air to get answers to those questions!)

The Beretta company was founded nearly half a millenium ago, in 1526, so you can't accuse Levi Johnston and his baby mama of not having any sense of history.

When Levi Johnston and his new girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, announced that they were having a child, Bristol Palin was not too pleased. I said, 'No way, shut up!', she told In Touch Weekly in an interview.

She also threw some shade on the child-to-be, saying that she worries about Tripp, her child with Levi, would be teased at school if Levi continues with his promiscuous and seductive ways (he did, after all, pose for Playgirl, though he didn't give up all the goods).

I don't want him to go to elementary school with 10 half-siblings, she told In Touch, telling the magazine that she was upset that he's impregnated another girl so soon after they had Tripp together.

Meanwhile, Palin accused Levi of being an absent father to their child, with Levi responding that the Palins don't let him see Tripp as often as he'd like.