Enthusiasts and several interested parties are already giving their predictions for the Japanese Grand Prix on potential winners.

Lewis Hamilton, the current champion and pole leader, said he is not particularly sure which team is going to come out the victor not only for the forthcoming race but the season championship.

He does have sufficient reason to worry because of the last four races in Russia, Singapore and Monza, and Belgium. The tables were turned against Mercedes during this time, and for the first time it appeared Ferrari and Red Bull would be serious contenders.

During the last race, Hamilton barely managed to end Ferrari’s three-race winning streak with the assistance of the VSC after Sebastian Vettel suffered an MGU-K failure.

Hamilton reiterated it would be awesome this time to have two other contenders at Suzuka, claiming the Japanese track is one of the most exciting parts of the season.

This time it will be even more harrowing because three teams are in incredible form, and they all have the potential to win.

He said he does not know who is going to emerge the fastest. At this time, Ferrari is quite dominant though there is a possibility, the track is going to suit Mercedes just a bit more.

Charles Leclerc, who got four pole positions in a row for Ferrari, was a victim of both team strategy and the VSC that stole a win in Singapore and Russia.

He claims the team’s form at the power-sensitive tracks and the down force-dependent places is indicative that Ferrari ought to be competitive at the Suzuka circuit. He also added they had been quick in Monza and Singapore though both of them were opposites in terms of layout.

Max Verstappen is optimistic as well, Red Bull will be able to return to its pre-summer form if the team can get the car working at peak performance. Suzuka’s high-speed parts will not punish the draggier setup and Honda’s power deficit.

He still expects a solid weekend though there are long straights around the back, and that may be detrimental to the car.

The advancements made to the cars this year could also mean it will be the first time a Formula 1 car achieves a 150 mph lap at the Suzuka circuit during the qualifying sessions.

That is for the dry runs. That means a 1-minute 26.59-second lap, which is a second shy of Hamilton’s performance last year. It was not entirely dry then.

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Lewis Hamilton Pixabay