LG is gearing up for the launch of its next installment in the V series called the V30. Ahead of the new phablet’s official unveiling this week, the South Korean tech giant decided to discuss in detail the premium audio features of the device. 

This Monday, LG took to its official online Newsroom to introduce in detail the audio functions that the V30 will be offering to consumers, especially audiophiles, when it arrives. Detailing the premium audio features of its new handset, LG touched on why the V30 is the perfect phone to provide a personalized sound experience.

First off, LG confirmed that the V20’s successor will indeed come equipped with Hi-Fi DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) for outstanding sound quality. The phone maker has once again partnered with Danish premium audio brand B&O Play for this technology. “For most people, listening to the music they love is a fundamental part of their lives and they expect the same uncompromised experience and quality from their headphones as they do from the mobile device they source music from,” B&O Play CEO John Mollanger said. “That’s why B&O PLAY is very excited for our long-term partnership with LG and satisfying global music lovers world over.”

The V30 will come with a 32-bit Advanced Hi-FI Quad DAC that’s powered by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P, and what this does is present users with digital filters and sound presets. LG pointed out that unlike the Quad DAC that come with the V20, the one on the V30 will offer more customizable options. 

The next thing that LG explained was the digital filters and the sound presets of the V30. Samsung’s neighboring rival stated that the digital filters on the V30 are customizable, so players can adjust the quality of sound to match their preference. As for the sound presets, LG said its engineers studied popular tones and identified the best combination of sounds to come up with four optimal pre-programmed audio settings, namely: enhanced, detailed, live and bass. LG assured consumers that even without the use of expensive headsets, users will be able to enjoy the high-quality audio of the V30 because of said features. 

LG also noted that the Hi-Fi Quad DAC of the V30 separately controls the left and right audio signals, so users will feel as though they are at the center of a concert hall when they balance the audio signals. LG even claims that because the distortion rate of the V30’s audio functionality is so low, the resulting sound is definitely very clear. 

Another interesting feature that consumers would be glad to know about is support for the Master Quality Authenticated format, which is a technology for high quality streaming, as per Korea Herald. LG says the technology is going to be the next big trend in mobile music, so this explains why it opted to include this one on the V30. The combination of MQA and Quad DAC will make the smartphone the perfect handset to use when streaming high quality audio content without distortion and without the need to download large files.

Lastly, LG did not forget to talk about the HD Audio Recorder that has the capacity to turn the audio receiver of the handset to also work as a microphone at the same time. The technology helps the smartphone to record a wide range of sounds without distortion. 

“With the V30, LG and our partners are pushing the boundaries of smartphone audio to enable a more bespoke listening experiences,” LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company President Juno Cho said. “The combination of its advanced Hi-Fi audio technology and the superb images generated by its OLED FullVision display makes the LG V30 a true multimedia powerhouse.”