LG Display announced Tuesday the world’s first QHD+LCD display panel for smartphones with an 18:9 aspect ratio.

Since the announcement comes on the heels of the LG G6 release (expected at MWC next month), the device is expected to come with the new display. LG made a similar announcement before the LG G4 and G5 launch.

Kim Byung-koo, executive director, mobile division, LG Display, said in the launch press release, "QHD+ is expected to maximize users’ experience and value by providing ultra-high definition, differentiating from all other mobile display panels.”

To put things in perspective, smartphone displays have evolved in terms of display ratio, starting with 4:3 and then evolving to 3:2, 5:3 and going on to 16:9, which is used on most smartphone displays. A better display ratio basically enhances the viewability of a screen — it means that you will be able to hold a bigger display comfortably in your hand.

An 18:9 display will give users a more optimized display, especially for dual-screen features. A Quad HD or QHD display comes with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560p, but due to the enhanced display ratio, LG’s new display will have a 1,440 x 2,880 with a display density of 564ppi.

LG’s proprietary in-TOUCH technology will be applied to the new panel and the Touch sensor will be embedded inside the LCD cell. The technology does not require a cover glass over the display, which leads to a reduction in overall thickness of the device.

The display is 1 millimetre thick and will have very thin bezels — 0.2 millimetres on the sides and 0.54 millimetres on the bottom of the device. In addition to this, LG claims that the display will consume 30 percent less power than the LG G5 display.