LG’s upcoming G7 flagship phone is reportedly sporting an advanced LCD display panel. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

South Korea media outlets are now saying that LG Electronics will likely adopt an advanced type of liquid crystal diode (LCD) display for its upcoming G7 flagship phone. The move is seen as the company’s way to make the premium device more affordable and attractive to consumers.

Korea Herald reported Monday that the LG G7 is now predicted to feature an advanced LCD panel, called M+ LCD. The panels will reportedly be manufactured by the tech firm’s very own LG Display.

An M+ LCD panel has pixels that are composed of green, red, blue and white colors. The pixels of such an advanced LCD panel are said to emit more light than standard LCD panels, but they consume 40 percent less power. This means the LG G7 could be brighter than phones with normal LCD and still last longer in terms of battery life.

Industry sources believe that the inclusion of M+ LCD panels could cut production costs of the LG G7 and enable the company to ensure that the handset’s price would be competitive against Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung’s latest flagship offerings, The Investor reports.

As per different tech insiders, LG is likely to unveil the G6’s successor by the end of this month in Seoul, South Korea. The handset is then expected to be released in May. However, there are also sources claiming that the device is likely to be officially introduced in June. LG hasn’t confirmed anything at this point though.

Meanwhile, a recently leaked render of the G7 shows that the the Samsung Galaxy S9’s upcoming competitor will likely come with an iPhone X-inspired display notch. The short clip of the render also shows the fingerprint reader resting below the dual-rear camera module, a power button on the right side, volume controls on the left side and another button that is rumored to be the switch for AI functions, just like Samsung’s Bixby button.

Market watchers say LG would bring its ThinQ AI platform to its upcoming flagship phone, since the company has already made it clear that ThinQ would be part of its new and upcoming products. However, it remains to be seen if LG is launching its own digital assistant to compete with Bixby, Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant.