LG’s successor to its V30 series of flagship phones will reportedly come with five cameras, a display notch and more advanced features to make it a powerful device that can hold a candle to what LG’s rivals are preparing for the remainder of this year.

On Tuesday, a source familiar with LG’s plans for the V40 spoke with Android Police and disclosed several interesting bits about the upcoming smartphone. The source claimed that the new flagship device will come equipped with five cameras all in all: three on the back and two up front.

The source did not disclose specific details about the specs and features of each lens, but one of the front-facing snappers is believed to have an advanced unlock mechanism for the device with just the user’s face. The news outlet admitted that it’s still not clear how this face unlock feature really works, but it could have a stereo configuration that allows a 3D map of the user’s face to be recorded.

LG won’t be the first manufacturer to come up with a flagship phone that has three cameras on the back. Huawei’s P20 Pro owns this title since it was the first to debut with a triple-rear camera setup. The LG V40’s back camera module is reportedly composed of a standard wide lens, LG’s signature ultra-wide lens and a third sensor with a still unknown purpose.

It’s possible for the third rear lens of the V40 to be a zoom lens, which would then allow the device to smoothly change from a long shot to a close-up and vice-versa. It’s also possible for the extra lens to be dedicated to bokeh or depth of field effects. Either way, the third lens will be a great addition to the back camera module of the V40.

When it comes to its appearance, fans can expect a design that’s similar to that of the LG G7 ThinQ. The V40 could launch with a display notch that can be turned off through software settings. The G7 ThinQ is already a premium smartphone, so it won’t be surprising if the V40 will borrow design elements from it.

Should the V40 follow the design of the G7 ThinQ, then it could also come with a dedicated Google Assistant button along with the volume rocker and the fingerprint reader on the back. The upcoming flagship is also believed to house Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor. The most notable differences between the V40 and the G7 ThinQ are said to be the camera upgrade and the use of OLED display in the former since the latter sports a modified LCD panel.

LG hasn’t confirmed anything at this point. The company also hasn’t given any indication on when the V40 could be officially launched. LG announced the V30 in August of last year, but it’s unlikely for the manufacturer to unveil the V40 in the same month. 9To5Google says LG could delay the introduction of the V40 to give the LG V35 ThinQ some breathing room.

The successor to the LG V30 series will reportedly come with five cameras all in all. Reuters/Sergio Perez