LG has revealed the Wing, its latest entry into the growing dual-screen smartphone market, and the internet has some thoughts. While many applaud the industry’s move towards experimentation, the Wing has nonetheless raised several eyebrows, with one Twitter user dubbing it “the weirdest phone of 2020.”

The LG Wing’s primary innovation is its swiveling top-layer screen. While appearing on first glance to be a standard-looking smartphone, the top screen is capable move up or down into a landscape position and reveal a portion of the screen beneath.

As unorthodox and wonky as the design looks, LG has big hopes for the Wing’s use case. As an example, the company said that when swiveled up the top screen could be used as a clear viewfinder when taking a photo, with the camera controls living on the bottom screen, the Verge reports. On the flip side, when swiveled down, the landscape screen could give users access to a large virtual keyboard for texting. Each screen is also capable of running different apps at the same time.

Despite LG’s ambition, the Wing has still been met by a healthy amount of skepticism online. Some have opined the suggested use cases for the double screen are “weird” and unnecessary while others have also suggested that the device might simply be too large for some.

Some were less diplomatic.

Others have championed the strange new design as innovative in a market desperately needing change. Some have also expressed their preference for a swiveling design over the foldable phones being pushed by other companies.

"It's crazy cool, [expletive] the foldables, I'm sold on this," one observer wrote. "I appreciate LG, [it is] the only manufacturer experimenting in the boring, glass slab smartphone industry."

The LG Wing currently lacks a price and a solid release window. The company did, however, confirm that the phone would be coming to Verizon first.

LG-WING-Logo LG's logo for its new Wing device. Photo: LG