Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
On “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6, episode 15, Stevie J will deal with the aftermath of Joseline’s behavior. VH1

With “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6 winding down to its final two episodes, the drama continues to unfold, and it looks like relationships are falling apart despite efforts to fix past sins.

On “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6, episode 15, the cast members’ attempts to mend relationships will fall flat. “Stevie deals with the fallout of Joseline’s botched apology to his daughters,” the synopsis for “When All Else Fails” teases. In the previous episode, Stevie and Joseline met up with his daughter for dinner so Joseline could apologize for her past behavior.

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However, the night ends with Stevie’s daughter, Savannah, leaving after Joseline upsets her. In the promo, Savannah can be seen having a chat with Mimi, where they both agree that Stevie needs to cut ties with Joseline because she is toxic.

However, Mimi is later seen talking to Stevie, and while she pleads with the father of her child to do what’s right, it doesn’t look like the music producer will be cutting Joseline out of his life anytime soon.

“Tommie and Dime agree to sit down to hash out their differences,” the synopsis for “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6, episode 15 says. The ladies haven’t been on good terms since Dime attended Tommie’s wine event and got into an argument with Tammy. Although she and Tammy have put their issues behind them, Dime and Tommie have yet to settle their problems.

From the looks of the promo for “When All Else Fails,” it doesn’t look like the ladies will be on speaking terms anytime soon. In the video, Tammy tells Tommie that she thinks she should talk to Dime, which Tommie agrees to.

When the women sit down, Dime tells Tommie she wished she would have hit her rather than threw a drink at her. Tommie then suggests the two step outside to fight, which causes Dime to get up and yell at Tommie. Although it is uncertain if the argument will get physical, it is clear the ladies are struggling to come to an understanding.

“Jasmine takes Kannon to get his DNA test,” the synopsis for the VH1 series states. In the previous episode, Rod met up with Logan, who told Rod that he and Jasmine were intimate while Jasmine and Rod were together, and that he could possibly be the father Jasmine’s baby.

Although Rod was initially hesitant to believe Logan, he begins to question Jasmine’s loyalty when Logan notes that he has been to both residences where Jasmine has lived. In the end, Rod tells Jasmine the only way to make things right will be to get a DNA test to prove the baby isn’t Logan’s. Will viewers finally learn who the father of Jasmine’s baby is?

“Kirk surprises Rasheeda on a cabin getaway,” the synopsis for the VH1 show teases. Although the getaway initially looks like a nice family trip, it looks like this may be the last time the Frost family will be under the same roof.

In the promo, Kirk can be seen handing Rasheeda a manila envelope. Although it is thought that it is his DNA test results, it is revealed that they are actually separation papers. In the previous episode, Kirk told Rasheeda that he would go through a lawyer to take a paternity test to determine whether he is the father of Jasmine’s baby.

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Although Kirk is seen talking to his lawyer in the promo, it seems he is more interested in drawing up the separation documents rather than confirming paternity. Is this the end of Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage?

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6, episode 15 airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on VH1.