After learning she no longer has cancer, Stella must deal with the consequences of living in the moment. On “Life Sentence” Season 1, episode 2, she will be forced to fight for her marriage and help the broken family members she once leaned on for strength.

“When the INS unexpectedly shows up to Stella (Lucy Hale) and Wes’ (Elliot Knight) apartment to check the legitimacy of their marriage, they realize that they need to defend their marriage or Wes might be deported back to London,” the synopsis for “Re-Inventing the Abbotts” teases.

When Stella believed she was going to die, she married Wes in a hurry, and the British stud came to live with her in the US. However, the couple’s union will be called into question due to their quick marriage.

In the promo for “Life Sentence” Season 1, episode 2, Wes is seen sitting on the couch while Stella tells someone her actions from the past didn’t have any consequences until last week when she found out she was cancer-free.

Later on, a woman, presumably an INS employee, is seen trying to understand Stella and Wes’ marriage. The woman questions why the two would get married after only knowing each other for a month and consciously being aware Stella was going to die.

Elsewhere, Stella’s parents are trying to sell their home but run into some trouble. “Peter (Dylan Walsh) and Ida (Gillian Vigman) decide to sell the house, but when an offer comes in, Peter hesitates on following through,” the synopsis for “Re-Inventing the Abbotts” says.

After finding out Ida was cheating on him with a family friend, Peter has been struggling to pull himself together and accept the end of his marriage. While it isn’t exactly clear why Peter isn’t willing to give up the family home, in the preview, Ida is seen using a sledgehammer to put a hole in the wall.

“Stella tries to help Aiden (Jayson Blair) step up to his responsibilities and to stop avoiding reality,” the synopsis for The CW series states.

In the previous episode, Aiden told his father Marlene (Alyshia Ochse) was pregnant. Even though he hasn’t shared the news with his sisters just yet, Aiden has a lot of growing up to do.

Aiden’s life fell apart when he thought Stella was going to die but now that she will be around for a long time, he will be forced to reevaluate his decisions.

“Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Brooke Lyons) is having writer’s block and Stella thinks she has a fix,” the synopsis teases.

In the pilot, Stella told Elizabeth to follow her dream of becoming a writer because it was clear she wasn’t happy with her current job.

Elizabeth previously confessed she gave up a scholarship to stay at home and care for Stella but she no longer has a reason to put off the one thing that used make her happy.

It seems she will struggle to get back into her groove but Stella, who has been eagerly trying to fix her family, will do her best to help her sister get one step closer to her dreams.

“Life Sentence” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

Life Sentence Stella (Lucy Hale) and Wes’ (Elliot Knight) marriage is called into question on “Life Sentence” Season 1, episode 2. Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW