Featured on a new song by Solange from her latest album, “A Seat at the Table,” Lil Wayne decided to use his guest verse to open up about his life, including an attempted suicide and a possible diss aimed at Birdman.

On the song, titled “Mad,” Weezy raps, “Yeah, but I, got a lot to be mad about / Got a lot to be a man about / Got a lot to pop a xan about.” Lil Wayne then begins rapping about how he has no family around — a possible reference to his strained relationship with Birdman. “But it’s hard when you only got fans around and no fam around / And if they are, then their hands are out, and they pointing fingers,” raps Lil Wayne. 

Weezy’s feud with Birdman dates back to 2014 when the rapper accused Birdman of delaying his “Carter V” album. This eventually led to Wayne filing a $51 million lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money Records. 

Although the two began to discuss a settlement in the lawsuit, Lil Wayne eventually called off the talks after Birdman reportedly had no plans to release “Tha Carter V.” Following the settlement talks, Lil Wayne began to use his concert appearances to call out Birdman, often chanting, “F--- Birdman” and “F--- Cash Money.”

While Birdman has tried to mend his relationship with Lil Wayne, Weezy doesn't share the same feelings. In his most recent song, “Grateful,” Wayne raps about no longer working with Birdman (Stunna) and no longer having him write checks for him. “You don’t see Stunna right next, and I won’t see Stunna write checks to me / They can’t put no more Weezy Baby out.”

But it’s his final lines in the new Solange song that really catch the listener’s attention. As his verse begins to end, Weezy begins to rap about an attempted suicide, something he has never spoke about before.

“And when I attempted suicide, I didn’t die / I remember how mad I was on that day / Man, you gotta let it go before it get up in the way / Let it go, let it go,” raps Weezy. While Lil Wayne has admitted to shooting himself when he was younger, he never called it an attempted suicide. 

In a 2014 appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Wayne opened up about the time he shot himself when he was 14 years old, but according to the rapper, it was an accident, not a suicide attempt. “My a-- was trying to be hard, looking in the mirror, tripping and [the gun] went off.” The rapper said he woke up to police at his door who were able to help him.