Rap artist Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne file photo. REUTERS

Fresh off of a recent tour, Lil Wayne has filmed a public service announcement inspired by the loss of Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs.

Here are the Top 5 topics he touches upon during the 28-minute long PSA, revealing tidbits about himself and how these topics affect today's youth and society:

1. Lil Wayne break down Steve Jobs' legacy saying, I don't know a person who hasn't been influenced in some way by this man. He goes on to talk about his premature death from cancer, saying his passing means there are many people out there who may never know and understand his work. Lil Wayne then wonders if he will be remembered and asks himself what would happen if I just skated off my roof and ended it all?

2. Weezy speaks on the phenomenon of syrup, or promethazine mixed with codine. He says he drank it because of his upbringing in the South, and it angers him people are doing it now just to be cool. He says he stopped drinking it to be cool and did so most recently because he had trouble sleeping in the midst of producing so much work.

3. Lil Wayne speaks about tattoos and expresses his frustration in young people copying the enormous amount of tattoos he has. Again, as is the case of drinking syrup because of groups like UGK, he contradicts himself by saying he got his belly tattoo because he wanted to emulate Tupac Shakur. But he remains steadfast that he is covered head to toe in tattoos because Tupac was a hero to him.

4. Lil Wayne walks outside and shows of his Bugatti car, saying it's worth a lot of money ($1.8 million). At the same time, he wanted to get it, not to show off, but just to own something worth a million dollars, while claiming he's one rapper who doesn't place his value on material things.

5. Finally, Lil Wayne delves into what's implied as the whiteboy stereotype. After he said his jump into rock music was successful and he did it just because he wanted to learn how to play guitar and sing to a woman (not because everybody else played guitar), he says that his passion for skateboarding has influenced kids to get out to play more.

Wayne gets a lot off his chest and makes a lot of big statements in this video, even going so far as to proclaim, I'm making the world a better place. Watch the video below and decide for yourself.