When saying goodbye to the music business, Lily Allen decided to give it a go in fashion. Allen and her sister, Sarah Owens opened up her store called Lucy in Disguise. In collaboration with the store's opening is the launch of her new collection featuring 18 retro style pieces, including a wide-range of inspirational decades. Allen created a flapper style dress as well as a boho peasant dress, remisicent of the '20s and '60s. All items are named according to the time period they belong to, for instance, the flapper style dress is called the Speakeasy.

Lily told British Vogue that she was hoping to create vintage styles with more contemporary, clean lines. Lily Allen also stated, Sometimes with vintage clothes the femininity can get lost.

The sisters are currently working on collection four, which Allen says is, Very electric.

To view the whole collection, click here.