Linden Wolbert traded in her desk job for a chance to become a real-life mermaid.

With help from a special effects artist, Wolbert helped craft a 35-pound silicon tail that cost $15,000 and took seven months to make. Her company is “Mermaids in Motion,” and she has been the resident mermaid at environmental fundraisers, children’s birthday parties and celebrity parties for Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and Shia LeBeouf, she told Yahoo.

"I have always had a magnetism to water," she told the news outlet. "I have always been fascinated with it, not just because of the animals that live in it, but because I feel so comfortable swimming in it."

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If any human were to apply for the real-life job of the “Little Mermaid,” Wolbert has the experience.

The 32-year-old can free-dive up to 100 feet, hold her breath for five minutes and is a PADI-certified Master Scuba Diver, according to her website.

“I’ve been diving with sharks and, with my tail, I’m longer than most of them,” she told Metro UK. “The sea creatures are very inquisitive. They come up to me to take a closer look because I’m not blowing bubbles like divers.”

In some underwater images Wolbert swims in Jellyfish Lake in Palau – a unique body of water where the marine animals have lost their sting.

It’s this aquatic life that attracts Wolbert to her unique line of work.

Wolbert’s true love lies in ocean conservation. Her YouTube channel hosts a children’s show called “Mermaid Minute,” where she teaches kids about marine life.

“Since this entire passion was born in me as a youngster, I wish to pass that opportunity on to the kids I have the privilege of coming into contact with,” she told “You should see their sweet faces. …. the wonder they experience. … it is so rewarding.”

Wolbert doesn’t take her mermaid life for granted.

“When I am a mermaid, all I see are miles of smiles around me,” she told the news outlet. “At every given moment. It is truly a gift.”