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Actress Lindsay Lohan, pictured here attending a court hearing at Beverly Hills Municipal Court in Beverly Hills, Calif., Oct. 16, 2009, reflected on her move to London. Getty Images/Nick Ut-Pool

Lindsay Lohan has said that relocating to London was the “best thing” that she has done for herself, reflecting that as one “grow[s] up, life changes.”

In an interview with Habertürk TV in Turkey (via Us Weekly) on Oct. 12, the New York-born actress said she decided to move to the English city after having had a “tumultuous” relationship with her parents and spending so much time in the spotlight.

The actress, 30, said she turned to meditation during the process. “I became very involved with meditation — Deepak Chopra [and] transcendental meditation," she said in a rare TV interview. "This became a very big ritual of my life. I took the time to kind of take out and weed out the bad, and only keep the good.”

Lohan, who had been featured in a number of unflattering tabloid stories for many years as she spent time in jail and rehab, said the fast-paced living in New York took a toll on her.

“I moved to London because New York was too fast for me, because I slowed down and it kept going, and I couldn't keep up and I wasn't meant to. Moving to London was the best thing I've done for myself. I think as you grow up, life changes and you experience new things,” she said.

But the actress still had her fair share of ups and downs in London. In July, a video emerged where Lohan is being manhandled by her then-fiance, Russian socialite Egor Tarabasov. She has since separated from him, saying, “No woman can be hit and stay with that person.”

The “Mean Girls” star traveled to Turkey in September and has devoted some of her time advocating for Syrian refugees. In her work as an activist, Lohan said she no longer pays attention to rumors and that she revels in this new situation.

“In London we have news and Bloomberg all day,” she said. “I don't have, like, Access Hollywood and all these other shows. I don't see this anymore. For four years now, I don't see this, and I love it. … This is great for me!”