A brutal lion attack in South Africa killed an American tourist Monday, reported Eyewitness News in Johannesburg. The fatal incident occurred in a lion park outside of the capital city, killing a woman and sending a male tourist to the hospital. Both victims were not identified.

The tourists were traveling through the park in a vehicle with a window that was down, according to reports. The lion entered the car and bit the woman sitting in the passenger seat after jumping through the open window, also injuring the man who was trying to free the woman from the lion's clutches. The male victim was taken to a nearby hospital for critical injuries, reported the Mirror. The attack occurred at the Lion Park in the Honeydew area just outside of Johannesburg, which has reportedly confirmed the fatal incident took place.

“We don’t know exactly what happened, we do know that there was a car driving to the lion camp and the lion did come through the window and it did bite the lady," said Scott Simpson, a park employee, according to Eyewitness news. "Unfortunately the ambulance arrived quite soon but the lady has passed away.”

The Lion Park offers "guaranteed super close-up views" of lions, while still remaining "completely safe," according to its website. The park, which offers self-drive tours, is a popular destination that has attracted the likes of celebrities that include Shakira and John Legend, according to Eyewitness News.

"We make it so clear. We put signage up everywhere that people must keep their windows closed," Simpson said, according to eNews Channel Africa. "We hand them a slip of paper when they enter the park, I really don’t understand why people think its [sic] okay to leave windows open." 

The news service reported that on March 30 an Australian man posted pictures to Facebook claiming to have been attacked at the park after leaving his car window rolled down.