Benjamin Lee, Twitter user and online editor of ShortList, started a series of tweets of small girls doing wheelies in Power Wheels and tricycles. While some of us dreamed of owning a Power Wheels as a kid, these youngsters took it a step further and found ways to use their vehicles in unconventional ways.

Here’s some of the best that Lee has found so far along with some we thought were worthy of the hashtag “#smallgirlsdoingwheelies” and "#powerwheels"

1. 2 Year Old Girl Popping Wheelies

2. Didn't know Power Wheels could do a burn out.


3. Popping wheelies isn't limited to outside of the house.

4. Boys wanted to join in the fun as well by barging in on the fun.


5. Boy: "I raise you one drift."

6. Girl: "Not a problem."