“Little People, Big World”
“Little People, Big World” fans can expect plenty of Jeremy, Audrey, Zach and Tori Roloff when the show returns to TLC on May 2. TLC

“Little People, Big World” stars Zach and Tori Roloff’s baby boy will be making his world debut any day now. The expectant parents’ have been keeping fans in the loop about their son’s impending arrival every step of the way and the updates haven’t slowed any as the big day draws nearer.

Tori, who teaches kindergarten, is officially on maternity leave. While she’s looking forward to welcoming a bundle of joy of her own, it’s clear she’s going to miss the young minds she’s been molding all year long. Over the weekend she shared an emotional goodbye on Instagram, writing that she was looking forward to bringing her son to meet her students upon his arrival.

Before leaving work for the next few months, Tori shared yet another bump photo. Just as she has for the last 36 weeks, the reality star snapped a selfie in the mirror along with a progress update. Tori revealed that she was “still pregnant” and had begun dilating.

Fans of the couple will get to experience their pregnancy journey in a new way when “Little People, Big World” returns to TLC on May 2. In a preview for Season 12 of the hit TLC series, Zach opens up to mom Amy Roloff about his biggest parenting anxiety. The soon-to-be father tells Amy that his unborn son is “measuring below average,” meaning he may also be a dwarf.

“What am I going to say? ‘Oh yeah, I want a dwarf baby? I can’t wait for that kid to be bullied,” Zach says to his mom (via People).

While he and Tori have some fears, their excitement reigns supreme. In another portion of the trailer they reveal that their son is due to arrive in May. She and Zach are shown putting together their sons crib in an attempt to get a jump start on the parenting preparations.

“Tori’s pregnant. We’re going to have a baby in May!” Zach exclaims. “I’m feeling prepared. I’m ready!”

Zach and Tori aren’t the only “Little People, Big World” couple expecting a child. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff will also be welcoming a baby in the near future. They announced in April that they’ll be having a baby girl, which they’re elated about.

The couples have shared much of their journeys with one another. Jeremy and Audrey invited Zach and Tori — as well as other friends and family members — to their over-the-top gender reveal party. They learned they were having a baby girl via a massive cloud of pink smoke during the gathering.

Jeremy and Audrey haven’t revealed their daughter’s due date just yet. While we don’t know when they’ll officially become parents, we do know they’re a ways behind Zach and Tori. Fans will just have to keep an eye on their Instagram accounts, where both often share baby-related updates.

“Little People, Big World” premiere Tuesday, May 2 at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.