Plastic Martyr
Transgender model Plastic Martyr is slated to appear on Season 5 of "Little Women: LA." Heidi Calvert

“Little Women: LA” star Plastic Martyr took to Instagram to clear her name amid relationship drama Thursday. The model was accused of having an affair with co-star Briana Renee’s husband, Matt Ericson, in July.

Because of the contract Plastic signed with Lifetime, which airs the show, she wasn’t initially allowed to reveal whether she would be on the Season 5 reunion special set to air Wednesday. But when she saw an advertisement that included her, she figured it was safe to discuss it.

“I will be on the reunion show for Little Women LA,” she wrote to her 27,300 Instagram followers Thursday. “I guess there is already a commercial with me in it out now, where Briana cowardly scampers off the set. This is true and was highly amusing.”

Plastic slammed Renee for talking about her on social media but not to her face. “I have absolutely no respect for her, she is one of the dirtiest people I know,” Plastic wrote about Renee. “What's astounding to me is that HER husband was trying to hook up with ME. Not the other way around.”

Plastic and Renee used to be friends, but they fell out of touch over the years. The women were brought back together when Ericson sexted Plastic this summer. She confided in co-star Christy McGuinty, who told the rest of the cast.

“I shut that s--- down immediately and would have never betrayed someone who I considered a friend at that time,” Plastic said in reference to rumors she cheated with Ericson. “Yet she [Renee] tries to portray me as ‘the enemy of Season 5.’”

Plastic decided to go on the show because there were rumors swirling about her supposed relationship with Ericson. “I did not want the lies and gossip stories out there with misinformation regarding me,” she wrote in her Instagram post. “[Renee] can run her mouth all she wants [sic] bottom line is I know who I am and I know what I did was not done with malicious intent or for self gratifying reasons.”

The “Little Women: LA” reunion special will air Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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