As enrolment is approaching this fall, students are readying and preparing their school stuff such as bag, pens, notebooks and laptop. This stuff that students prepared are use to take note from the class which soon serve as a reviewer for the students. However tedious effort must be done to save all necessary notes in a class especially when the professor is talking. The next generations Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe simplify the note taking life of students.

The new Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe is a newly invented technology as a substitute or even replaces the usual common tools like pen, paper and recorder for note taking. It serves as a personal secretary, digital microphone and hi-tech pen.

The new technology from Livescribe fundamentally changes the way how people capture, access and share information with pen and paper.

It is a computer in a pen that captures handwritten notes and simultaneously records and links the audio to the notes. By simply tapping on the notes with the smartpen, consumers can hear the conversation play back from that exact moment in time.

All of this information can be uploaded to a computer for storage, easy keyword search or to share with others.

The smartpen recognizes handwritten marks through a camera inside its tip that focuses on a minute pattern of dots printed on paper. It can captures over 100 hours of audio through a built-in microphone. Files can be uploaded from the pen to a computer using a USB connection.

The Pulse smartpen launched in 2008 and quickly garnered consumer and industry support, winning innovation awards from Popular Mechanics and Popular Science, as well as the 2008 Duke’s Choice Award at last year’s JavaOne Conference and a 2009 Macworld Best of Show award.