Season 2 of “Castle Rock” premiered on Hulu last week and people are raving about actor Lizzy Caplan’s performance as the iconic Stephen King character Annie Wilkes. The character of Wilkes is known best as the obsessive antagonistic kidnapper in Rob Reiner’s classic movie “Misery” and the best-selling book it’s based on by King.

As Film School Rejects pointed out, divisive opinions of this new season all spare Caplan’s portrayal of Wilkes. In fact, many are saying she’s the saving grace of an otherwise rocky three-episode premiere.

After Kathy Bates previously won the Best Actress Oscar for playing the character in the 1990 film, people were naturally skeptical if Caplan, or anyone, could give the character justice.

Vulture was able to discuss the character with Caplan where she revealed her process for finding that particular iteration of Wilkes. While paying a certain homage to Bates’ take on Wilkes, Caplan revealed that it was a vastly different character.

Lizzy Caplan - Life After Mean Girls
Actress Lizzy Caplan attends the Summer TCA Party on Aug. 10, 2016, in West Hollywood, California. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

"The easiest way to delineate the two is that the Annie Wilkes from the book and film of 'Misery' has been in isolation for a while, she’s not trying to treat anyone of her myriad psychological disorders, and our Annie Wilkes is the total opposite," she said.

While on the topic of the character’s mental illness, Caplan talked about how they avoided spotlighting certain illnesses and focused on the fact that she’s “a symbolic force more than anything else,” according to the Vulture interview.

“The most ambitious thing about this season is making your protagonist a deeply unstable person who sees and hears things that aren’t there,” Caplan added. “You put this person in a town where objectively insane things regularly occur, that even a levelheaded person would be thrown and confused by, and watch what happens to her.”

Aside from Wilkes, we also have the Merrills: John “Ace” Merrill (from “Needful Things” and “Stand By Me”) played by Paul Sparks, and “Pop” Merrill (from “The Sun Dog") played by Tim Robbins. The family-owned shop The Emporium Galorium also makes an appearance.

While these actors and characters each have their moments, it’s Caplan who some fans feel steal the show as the brilliantly terrifying Annie Wilkes. Notes Film School Rejects, "Whether you love or could leave the rest of 'Castle Rock', know this: Caplan will blow you away."