• The Silhouette Challenge is the hottest craze on the internet right now
  • #SilhouetteChallenge went viral on Twitter with more than 125,000 tweets
  • Chloe Bailey's #SilhouetteChallenge video reportedly got over 1 million views

The creative minds of social media have come up with another challenge to shake off boredom and keep themselves busy during the pandemic. The latest craze to take the internet by storm is the Silhouette Challenge and it's taking dance dares to a whole new level.

We have already seen several TikTok challenges going viral on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

While it is similar to several other online challenges in the past such as "Blinding Lights," "WAP," "Say So," "Tap In," Old Town Road Challenge, Beautiful People Challenge, Obsessed Challenge and Respect the Drip Challenge, it's a lot sexier.

So what is this all about?

In a #SilhouetteChallenge video, the participant is first seen looking normal, usually wearing simple clothes. Lights are on and Paul Anka's "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" plays in the background. But the room suddenly gets dark with only some ambient light in it and the music slows down and then transitions to Doja Cat's "Streets." At this point, only the participant's silhouette can be seen, dancing sensually and flaunting their curves.

So far, there have already been over 125,000 #SilhouetteChallenge tweets, which just proves how popular it is. In fact, some netizens say that it is one of the best challenges the internet has ever seen.

Meanwhile, some claim that they had not participated in any challenges in the past but had no choice but to give in when they heard of this new trend.

"lmao i couldn't help but post mine #silhouettechallenge [sic]," one Twitter user said.

While many netizens wish to partake in the challenge by following tutorials to the dot, some get a little more creative and introduce some twists to their own #SilhouetteChallenge videos—just like this woman, who has a very unique take on the challenge.

And although many participants of the #SilhouetteChallenge are women, some guys are also brave enough to do it. This guy, for instance, stood out as he took up the challenge to represent men.

Silhouette Challenge videos may look simple, but they require some technical skills. In fact, one netizen took their dilemma to Twitter and asked others for help.

"I've got to figa [sic] this out before tomorrow," the tweet said. "Any help guys? #silhouettechallenge"

Fellow netizens who saw the post replied with some helpful tips. One advised him to use Snapchat, while another shared a short step-by-step clip of how it is done.

According to Distractify, celebrity singer Chloe Bailey did her rendition of the Silhouette Challenge on Wednesday. The video has reportedly garnered over 1 million views.