Eastern Long Island was the part of New York that suffered the worst of Winter Storm Juno's wrath. Forecasters predicted a possible 36 inches would drop, and while the five boroughs might have gotten off lightly with nearly 10 inches -- a comparative dusting -- parts of Eastern Long Island were slammed with as much as 28 inches.

Long Islanders took out their measuring sticks after Winter Storm Juno hit. Courtesy of Michele Falcone

In anticipation of the first blizzard of 2015, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo closed down the Long Island Expressway at 11 p.m. Monday, the route most Long Islanders use to get to work. While the LIE is normally jam-packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic during the morning commute, the storm had something else in mind. Instead of hoards of cars and frustrated commuters, the LIE was blanketed with untouched milky white snow that stretched for miles.

It didn’t last for long. By 7:30 a.m., Cuomo lifted the driving ban. The Long Island Rail Road didn’t fare as well, and continued service suspensions and delays -- but most Long Islanders know to expect that from the LIRR.

Generally the heat and lights remained on, so when Long Islanders arose Tuesday morning with no job to scurry off to, the main task for thousands was removing the snow left in Juno’s wake.

Winter Storm Juno ended and the snow removal began in Centereach. Courtesy of Evira Hutnick

Some dogs, like Romeo, a pit bull from Selden, found it hard to navigate in the snow.

Snow totals in Selden, New York were almost 20 inches. Courtesy of Heidi Ortiz

But other breeds, like Siberian Huskies, were right at home.

These Long Island dogs felt right at home in the snow. Courtesy of Tom Miller

Molli the bulldog made a new friend in Holbrook.

Molli posed for a picture with her new friend, the snowman. Courtesy of Nicole Mastropolo

For kids, it was the perfect time to build a snowman.

"Do you want to build a snowman?" Courtesy of Nicole Mastropolo

And babies, like 9-month-old Mia, got to see snow for the first time.

Mia watched her dad snow blow their driveway. Courtesy of Nicole Mastropolo

Christina Rubino of Deer Park proved she knows what it is to be young at heart and jumped a powdery pile of snow.

Who says snow can't be fun? Courtesy of Christina Rubino

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