Prince Charles, Princess Diana
It's been 19 years since Prince Charles and Princess Diana, photographed during a trip to Yogayakarta, Indonesia, on Nov. 5, 1989, divorced. Take a look back that their marriage through interviews the late princess gave before her tragic death in 1997. Getty Images

It's been nearly two decades since Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced, but fans of the much beloved royals are still feeling the pain. The pair tied the knot in an extravagant ceremony in 1981, but just a few years into the union, tabloids reported their marriage was in trouble. They stuck it out for many years before finally calling it quits in 1996, one year before Princess Diana's tragic death -- but what really went on behind the guarded palace walls?

After ending their marriage 19 years ago to the day Princess Diana did several interviews, which gave her adoring fans a look into the hard battle she'd been fighting for close to 14 years. According to a chat she had with BBC's Martin Bashir in 1995, she and Charles decided to stay together for so long despite being unhappy in their marriage because of the immense pressure the media and the public had put on them. She added that she and Prince Charles, 66, "didn't want to disappoint the public." She revealed, however, that in time she could no longer deal with his alleged infidelity with now-wife Camilla Parker-Bowles.

"There were three in the marriage, so it was a bit crowded," she said.

During the telling interview the princess shared never before heard details about their marriage. As the Huffington Post reports, this was an especially bold move for the young royal who was already in danger of being looked at in a less-than-favorable light. Fortunately, her fans stuck by her. She told Bashir she was comfortable with the fact that she would likely never get her seat on the throne as she would rather "be a queen of people's hearts."

Sadly, just one year after divorcing Prince Charles, Princess Diana was killed in a car accident at the age of 36. The accident, which occurred in Paris, is widely believed to have been caused by the paparazzi chasing Princess Diana's vehicle at high speeds. According to reports, the car crashed inside along the Seine River. Her rumored boyfriend at the time, Dodi Fayed, and chauffeur were also killed in the crash. A fourth person, later identified as her bodyguard, was seriously hurt, but survived.

Although it's been many years since Princess Diana's death, her fans remain dedicated. Some have even gone as far as to recreate images of her family's most important moments with Diana in them. Most recently an American woman by the name of Lori Eastwood garnered some serious Internet attention after photoshopping Princess Diana into photos from her granddaughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana's christening. This is not the first time the late princess has been reimagined in a modern setting.

In 2011, a photoshopped image of Princess Diana walking alongside Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was chosen as the cover of Newsweek magazine. Tina Brown created the image, which was meant to imaging what Diana would look like by age 50 had she been alive. Accompanying the photo was a long form piece that guessed at what life would have been like for the royal with the extra attention the family was given after her firstborn son, Prince William, now 33, married Kate in 2011.

"The rising public adoration of Kate would have afforded Diana some tricky moments. Pleased, yes. But, like Frances Shand Kydd--who, days before Diana's wedding, suddenly burst out, 'I have good long legs, like my daughter'--Diana would have had to adjust to a broadening of the limelight," she wrote.