• April 14 is Look Up at the Sky Day
  • It encourages people to take a break and live in the moment
  • People can celebrate it by looking at the sky or their surroundings

It's time to take a little break from our busy lives because April 14 marks Look Up at the Sky Day.

The idea for Look Up at the Sky Day is simple, and that's to remind people to slow down and appreciate the beautiful things around them, Days of the Year (DOTY) explained. Although it's not clear exactly where the holiday came from, it's believed to have been made in honor of Jack Borden, the newsman from Boston who quit his job after looking at the sky for what he "considered to be the first time," National Today said.

He went on to found the For Spacious Skies organization in the 1980s with the goal to inspire people to live in the moment.

That's something that may be even more relevant today, with adults and children alike having so much on their plates that they no longer take the time to pause and marvel at the beautiful things around them. This includes, of course, the vast sky.

As such, this simple little holiday may be the perfect time for people to stop for a while, step outside and look at the precious things around them for a moment.

On this day, let's look at some of the simple ways people can take a short pause and start looking around again. Courtesy -- National Today, DOTY, National Day Calendar and Time and Date.

Look up at the sky

As the name suggests, the most simple way to celebrate the occasion is to look up at the sky. People may choose to go on a picnic and look at the blue sky or enjoy watching the clouds drift by. Some may even be fortunate enough to witness some special phenomena such as the "mock sun" or even "fire rainbows," which noted to be more common in summer months.

But even if there is no unique phenomenon to observe, the simple act of looking up at the sky may help people pause for a bit and appreciate the vast sky. It is, after all, a wonder on its own.

Look around

Although the name of the holiday encourages people to "look up," we may also celebrate by simply looking around, whether at the greenery, animals or even other people. A simple walk or trip to the park could perhaps help people unwind and just simply observe their surroundings without the hustle and bustle of their daily schedules.

Some may also look up which birds or animals are native to their locations and see which ones they can spot in their area. Even if it's raining, people can still sit by the window and simply watch their surroundings.

Go stargazing

Some people may choose to celebrate at night, when they can watch the stars, planets and other celestial bodies in the night sky. People may check in advance which ones will be observable on the night they’ll be out so they can be on the look-out for them. They may even play a game with friends or family members to spot the constellations.

However, it's also okay to simply lay back and enjoy the night sky.

No matter how people may choose to celebrate, the point is to pause for a while and enjoy the simple things in life, whether it's by looking up at the sky or the other beautiful things around us.

Milky Way1
The Milky Way seen arching across the Chilean night sky above the European Southern Observatory's Paranal Observatory. ESO/P. Horálek