There is no release date announcement yet for the highly anticipated “The Lord of the Rings” TV series, but the producers have been busy casting different roles. An actor who will play the main villain has already been selected, along with the hero and a female lead.

The new TV series by Amazon Studios is set at a time before the events in “The Fellowship of the Ring,” which is a book written by JRR Tolkien. The main villain of the show will be a character called Oren, and it will be played by English actor Joseph Mawle, Deadline reported.

Is Oren related to the Sauron in some way? Amazon hasn’t yet shared details about the characters or the storyline.

The heroes of the show are Beldor (Will Poulter) and Tyra (Markella Kavenagh). The species of the heroes is also yet to be confirmed. The franchise has humans, elves, hobbits and dwarves. The villains are usually orcs and goblins.

Actors from U.S., UK, and Australia are being cast for “The Lord of the Rings” TV series. The other big casting news about the show is that Maxim Baldry from “Years and Years” has been cast in an unspecified role, Collider reported.

Although the producers haven’t revealed the details about the plot, the official Twitter page of the TV series has confirmed that the story will be set in the Second Age. This is the time in Tolkien’s books when the Rings of Power were forged in the fires of the shadowy lands of Mordor.

Since Sauron was the one who ordered the creation of the rings, and forged the One Ring himself at Mount Doom, the character is expected to appear in “The Lord of the Rings” TV series. While casting has been ongoing for a while now, there is no word yet about the start of production or the release date.