• The next part of “Vikings” Season 6 will reveal Floki’s fate
  • According to a theory, Floki may become the next Seer

  • The fates of Bjorn and King Harald are also uncertain

One of the major storylines that “Vikings” Season 6 will have to explore when it returns is that of Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård). The character was last seen in a cave, seemingly meeting a tragic end. Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and Torvi (George Hirst) went looking for him in Iceland, and they may soon discover what happened to their father’s dear friend.

Floki’s life seemed to hold no meaning after he saw a Christian cross in a cave in Iceland, which he believed to be the entrance of Helheim. A volcanic eruption around the cave seemed to mark the end of his journey. However, since the character’s body wasn’t shown in the TV series, it is still possible that he survived.

There have been some rumors about Floki being featured on the show in the last season after Skarsgård was spotted on the production set. Now, there is more confirmation that the veteran character of the show will return during the last few episodes of the series. According to Screen Rant, one of the tracks in “Vikings” Season 6 is titled “Floki Tells of Why He Left Iceland,” which is a clear indication of the character’s return.

Floki hasn’t found what he has been looking for, but his return will be important for the show. According to a theory by Screen Rant, Skarsgård’s character may become the new Seer, a role that was previously played by John Kavanagh. Before his death, the Seer was a respected figure in Kattegat because he was someone who could communicate with the gods and tell the people about their future.

The scene that gave the fans a big clue about Floki’s role was the time he met the Seer for the first time. While it was general practice to lick the hand of the Oracle to allow him to tell people’s future, in this scene it was Kavanagh’s character who licked Floki’s hand instead. Does this mean that the Seer chose his successor long before his death?

Another major storyline on the show will be about the futures of Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and King Harald (Peter Franzén). Are the two characters dead?

“Vikings” Season 6, episode 11 doesn’t have a release date yet.

Floki may be back in "Vikings" Season 6. Vikings/Facebook