Almost two weeks after Lori Vallow was declared unfit to stand trial, a judge has ordered her to be committed to a mental health ward.

Last month, Vallow and her husband Chad Daybell were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder of her children, Tylee Ryan and Joshua “JJ” Vallow.

Daybell has pleaded not guilty to murder charges and is expected to appear in court on June 23. Meanwhile, Vallow has not entered a plea deal, and District Judge Steven Boyce has placed a hold on her trial proceedings.

“At this time, the defendant is not competent to proceed, and recommends restorative treatment,” he wrote in his order.

According to the order, Vallow will be committed to the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare “for care and treatment at an appropriate facility” for no more than 90 days.

Her mental health will be evaluated throughout her stay in the facility and progress reports will determine whether she is competent to stand trial. Last month, Vallow underwent a psychiatric exam and was declared mentally unfit to stand trial.

Vallow’s daughter was last seen alive on Sept. 8, 2019, during a trip to Yellowstone National Park, and her son JJ was last seen alive on Sept. 23, 2019, when his mother removed him from school.

JJ’s grandparents contacted the authorities after months went by without seeing the children. The remains of the Tylee and JJ were discovered in June 2020 on Daybell’s Idaho property.

crime scene
This is a representational image showing a crime scene tape in Sunset Valley, Texas, on March 20, 2018. Getty Images/Scott Olson